Just Do You

After my post last week (A journey back) I was flooded with such incredible feedback it made me realise something. In today’s social media world (and I am just as guilty as the next person!) we’re always showing our best side – our achievements, our celebrations, or selfies when we think we look good, and yes those ones we think deserve the #shamelessbrag.

But what it doesn’t show is the down days – the ones where we hate how we look in the mirror, or we screw up at work and think we’re useless or when we fight with our partner/kids/family. It doesn’t show the tears, the frustrations and the losses.

What the feedback from my post made me realise was that human connection is so vital in a world so disconnected. The posts that seem to get the most reaction are the ones where we lay ourselves bare for our audience. With that can come ridicule and perhaps judgement. But what also comes is a sense of belonging and community.

When I’ve felt my lowest, I usually lean on family and friends. I’m lucky to have an incredible support system. But even then, sometimes you aren’t quite sure how you feel about a situation right away – maybe you feel apprehensive opening up straight away, or want to do some research on your own first.

And that’s when I usually turn to other blogs or podcasts on people dealing with similar issues. It makes me feel a part of something bigger – like I’m not alone in my own journey.

So I encourage you to be more open with each other – share deeper parts of yourself that you keep locked away. I think you’ll find it opens you up to so much more than you fear. And to me, that’s a #shamelessbrag in itself.


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